Human Pheromones in Scientific Publications  
 "Pheromones have profound effects on women's sexual behavior"
 by Thornhill and Gangasted, University of New Mexico.
 "Moods of sexual arousal were induced by the pheromones tested"
 by Bensafi, Brown Neuroscience Institute, University of California.
 "Pheromone compounds cause behavioral response in humans"
 by Savic, Berglund, Gulyas, Roland ofKarolinska Institute, Sweden
 "Chemical signals we send have a direct affect on hormones in other people"
 by Fink, Atzmueller, Vohl and Grammar of the University of Vienna.
 "Chemical signals play an important role in reproductive states and behaviors"
 International study by Stamford University, University of Berkley, University of Washington.
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